Our qualified practitioners can assess patterns of disharmony in health and prescribe a range of high quality and powerful herbal capsules and supplements.  These can be used as a stand alone treatment, or in conjunction with acupuncture in order to augment the treatment process and gain momentum with your health goals.

herbal medicine powder and capsules with green organic herb leaves on wooden background.

All herbs and supplements we use at Samford Acupuncture & Massage have been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Association of Australia (TGA).

Herbal consults and herbal dispensing can be conducted as a stand alone treatment regime.

Herbal medicine rapidly assists in the treatment of illness and aids disease management in order to achieve and maintain optimal health.  We use a variety of herbal medicines to treat various disease categories including: digestive system, respiratory system, detoxification, energy building, gynecological, immunity, nervous system, mental and emotional, musculoskeletal, metabolic and endocrine, pain and trauma, urogenital, cardiovascular, infections and inflammation, skin and hair.